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GO WFO LLCis launching a creator network across multiple mediums and distribution channels for Extreme Sports named WFO TV Our primary mission is to help extreme sports content creators and influencers increase their fan base and revenues: You focus on content and marketing, while WFO helps increase your monetization and fan base:


For many creators and influencers, it often feels like a content platform, such as YouTube, is making all the money. What’s the actual cost? Too many YouTubers, it costs than their freedom, creativity, and community.

This is a challenge because growth in numbers comes down to content; and without the revenue to grow your ideas, momentum often plateaus.

Here’s the good news: video streaming TV platforms are a better way for content creators and brands to catch their audience where they are.

YouTube has lots of content; but Netflix sells subscriptions, and it’s not rocket science.  It’s not just about watching something, it’s about…

§  What is being watched

§  How it’s being watched

§  Whether it’s fitting the needs of the ultimate consumer

§  Delivering the ultimate curated experience. Video streaming platforms call do all this and more.

For creators, this is a huge bonus for content, brand, and their audience, because getting help with the GROWTH is one of the hardest things to do on your own. By leveraging the audience of a multi-channel network, you gain the exposure and resources you need to move forward with your agenda.

WFO TV makes it easy to maximize efficiency and monetize your video streaming service. The system will simply and securely accept credit cards and in-app purchases.

If you’re ready to generate revenue with your extreme sports content, join WFO TV and build your TV community of loyal customers, followers & fans with a social buzz around your brand. Our goal: we help you generate brand awareness, drive sales, and deliver better results.


WFO TV gives creators the ability to increase their subscriber base. Through WFO TV, your content will be available to an ever-increasing subscriber base that loves extreme sports content—available on numerous devices 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  It’s not limited by social media channels, like YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok. With WFO TV, creators can build a stronger subscriber base on a global scale. We let you deliver your content to more viewers—going way beyond the social platforms. You can create a connection with viewers anywhere, even with foreign languages or subtitles to make your content more relevant to more people.


Cross Pollination with other Creators

WFO is a Peer Network of Creators in Extreme Sports with strong cross-pollination and spillover of fans among other creators and influences, both in the same sport (like Motocross) and among other sports on the network.

Opportunity to Network

Opportunity to network with other creators and influencers on the WFO TV platform


WFO TV also provides the ability to market your merchandise to a greater audience with precision targeting and analytics, where you can either sell your own merch on GOFWO or share other products on GOWFO.

WFO Creator Board

GOWFO is also setting up a 25-person board, filled with Board Members from numerous extreme sports. The Creator Board will have both a voice and access to funds, where they can help steer WFO TV to increase worldwide growth, help guide budgets and develop new media. The Creator Board will be an excellent networking opportunity.

Early Adopter Benefits

Early adopters benefit the most from later content creator fans/subscribers joining. Also, the first seven board are members who get Lifetime Access.


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